Where Rainbows Never Die

A long time donor to the endowment, Dr. Ryan Deweese had his first book published, Where Rainbows Never Die on October 28, 2021. Taking four years to write, his book is receiving glowing reviews. 

The story is of Dr. Beck befriending 9-year-old cancer patient Emily and her guardian Tiffany during Emily’s treatment.  Having exhausted chemotherapy treatments, it soon becomes apparent that Emily’s only remaining treatment option is an expensive experimental medication. With no other way to raise the funds, the trio decide to embark on an epic journey to find hidden treasure to save Emily’s life. Their ensuing adventure prompts Dr. Beck to seek the help of his companions to overcome his inner demons, and the bond between the three grows even deeper. Where Rainbows Never Die juxtaposes a fantastical adventure with the very real physical and emotional struggles of the characters to blend both comedy and tragedy into eventual hope.

With over 16 years of experience as a physician, Ryan seeks to give a voice to the emotional roller coaster that goes along with chronic illness for doctors, patients, caretakers and alike. He also knows firsthand the bond that can be forged between doctors, patients and caregivers, especially when any choice made can be the difference between life and death. He lives in Indiana with his wife and two children, and he continues to practice hospital-based medicine.

Half of the money raised from the sale of Where Rainbows Never Die will be donated toward pediatric cancer research through the Caroline Symmes Children’s Cancer Endowment!

Buy Ryan’s book here and support the endowment.

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