Volunteer Chronicles: Salesforce and the Par-Tee 2016

Our annual fundraising concert and party was a huge success last year, thanks to some of the volunteers that came to us from Salesforce’s Indianapolis office. One of the endowment’s board members, Sherri Hutter, works at Salesforce and lives in San Francisco. Sherri knew that we needed volunteers for the Par-Tee in Indianapolis so she posted on Salesforce’s internal collaboration site, Chatter, requesting volunteers in the Indianapolis office. Immediately, people responded to her request and showed up to help. 

Roadies, Coordinators, and Tech Gurus

In Sherri’s Chatter post, she mentioned that we needed a band roadie to drive Here Come the Mummies around town and help them to the event site. Bloomington native and longtime Mummies fan Jesse Kinser was excited to get that opportunity – especially to see the band out of costume. She showed up at 7 am and worked all day driving the band to get food, helping them transport equipment, and making sure they didn’t need anything. Thanks to Jesse, we were confident that our important entertainment guests were in good hands.

Christopher Howland also volunteered after finding out about the opportunity through Salesforce. Like a Hollywood director, he briefed emcees on topics they needed to cover and kept them on schedule, which is essential to keep the Par-Tee energy going. 

Suzanne Zaleski was our third amazing volunteer from Salesforce and helped guests navigate the mobile auction app. Without her help, some might have been unable to bid on the auction items – meaning fundraising would never have happened. Last year we raised $250,000 to fund pediatric cancer research at Riley Children’s Hospital at the Par-Tee.

Each volunteer proved how much one person can make a difference! 

Quality Volunteers

We’ve been extremely fortunate as an endowment to have committed volunteers at our events. We’re especially grateful to have companies who partner with us – like Salesforce, where Sherri tells us volunteering is foundational to their Salesforce Ohana culture – providing volunteers who show up engaged and prepared to make a difference in the communities where they live and work. 

“Taking action and volunteering is one of the strongest ways we can influence our community and environment,” Elizabeth Symmes, Caroline’s mother, pointed out. “Many people wish more funding was allocated to pediatric cancer research, but we of course lack the authority to go change the Federal budget. By contributing time or dollars during events like the Par-Tee, both individuals and corporate sponsors are taking back the power to make sure causes we believe in get support.”

By supporting the Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment, volunteers and attendees of the Par-Tee know they are contributing to the promise of a brighter future for children with cancer. Our research efforts at Riley Hospital for Children are driving innovation and inquiry around the causes of and cures for pediatric cancers. With continued support as we chase our first fundraising goal of $8 million dollars, our vision of a world in which no sick child must be told there are no options left for them gets more real every day.

Get Involved

This year the Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment’s fundraising soiree will be hosted at the Lucas Estate on Friday, September 8, 2017, with the Caroline Classic Golf Tournament to follow on Monday, September 11.

More details about entertainment and auction items will be released over the summer, so keep an eye on our blog and social media for details.

If you or your company would like to get involved with the Par-Tee or Caroline Classic contact the endowment today.  

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