Volunteer Chronicles: Bailey Inglis

Our endowment has grown largely thanks to the support of high schools across Marion and Hamilton Counties here in Central Indiana. Carmel High School annually hosts Runway for Riley, a fashion show whose proceeds support our goal of opening a cutting-edge research center at Riley for orphan pediatric cancers.

One Carmel High student, Bailey Inglis, was especially inspired by our grassroots efforts. “The Runway for Riley fundraiser is a great way for us as students to give money to Riley for whatever they need, but I wanted my bracelets to be a way people could know they were donating specifically to pediatric cancer research,” Bailey said.

Bailey learned how to make her lovely crafts as a stress-releasing hobby when someone gave her the gift of a bunch of beads and supplies. When her friends loved the fashion accessories, she realized she had the opportunity to use her artistic talents for the greater good. “Overall, I have lost count, but I’ve definitely made and sold well over 200 bracelets to benefit the Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment,” she said. The bracelets sell for $10 each, a perfect price point for an accessory that can also be a conversation starter about the need for pediatric cancer research funding, especially for non-CNS tumors.

Bailey is most excited to know that the endowment is reaching a critical point in our fundraising, and her efforts have helped us get here. She says she’s also learned a lot about time management from her decision. “Now I am better at multitasking—I can study and string bracelets at the same time,” she told us. She also has been grateful for—but not too surprised by—the amazing support of her peers. “I already knew my friends and our community were amazing people, but the number of return customers I have had at school, and just the amount of success in general has really confirmed it,” Bailey said.

People like Bailey Inglis are part of the reason we’ve stayed so committed to the mission of our endowment over the years. Every time another champion joins us in the effort to raise $8 million to open our research center at Riley, we know the goal will be achieved. If you want to help us cross the finish line, let’s talk!

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