Volunteer Chronicles: 2017 North Central High School Lip Dub

The Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment’s founders, David and Libby Symmes, were absolutely floored when they got the news that North Central High School’s students wanted to make a lip dub video to raise money for the endowment. Little did they know, all this amazing effort would lead to over $20,000 in funds raised and a viral online sensation.

The inspiration for this video started with an idea from a faculty sponsor, Mrs. Leslie Decker. Schools around the country have been making Lip Dub music videos to benefit their local charity or hospital. However, none of those schools are like North Central. North Central takes so much pride in its student body. They are all different – different backgrounds, different activities, different groups – but those differences unite them and make them stronger as a school. Also, none of those videos have a place like Riley Hospital to support. The senior class was all-in.

Caroline had Wilms Tumor Disease, which has a 90% survival rate. But Caroline’s tumor was very aggressive, and with such little research into pediatric cancer, her doctors exhausted their options to treat her. At the age of five, Caroline passed away from her disease. Caroline died not because of a lack of care, but because of a lack of funding for pediatric cancer research. In 2016, the federal budget for cancer research was $5.21 billion. Only 4% of that funding goes to pediatric cancer research. The Caroline Symmes Endowment for Pediatric Cancer Research at Riley Hospital for Children hopes to make it possible for every child with cancer to live with hope for a bright future of their own.

We hope that you will support the endowment at Riley Hospital and help stimulate pediatric cancer research so that no child will have to suffer the way that Caroline did. We are so grateful forever to these amazing students and staff for their talent, time, and energy.

President – Jack Morel, Vice-President – Joey Mervis, Treasurer – Kit Hanley, Secretary – Abby Peterson

Faculty Sponsor – Leslie Decker

Principal – Evans Branigan III

Superintendent – Dr. Nikki Woodson

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