We spend a lot of our efforts on our fundraisers during September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, but that’s only one month out of the entire year. We still maintain our dedication to our cause and raising funds throughout the year as well in order to get closer to our goal of increasing treatment options and finding cures for childhood cancers.

As the year-end holidays approach, we look towards the giving season as it’s a time when contributions from all donor parties, whether individuals or companies, significantly increases. As you catch the giving spirit, it’s important to understand where your dollars are needed most, and how they’ll be used once you generously give them.

Facts About Giving

Individual contributions account for over 70% of the donations made to nonprofit organizations in the United States. Religious entities, like churches, receive an average of 32% of those contributions, educational institutions and programs receive around 16%, and human services organizations receive 12%. It might surprise you to learn that health and medical organizations receive only an estimated 8%.

Still, when you consider that Americans individually contributed over $268B to nonprofit organizations in 2015, 8% isn’t such a small number—over $21B, in fact. But with approximately 1,521,052 charitable organizations in the United States, it’s an inarguable fact that there are a lot of worthy causes looking to allocate a portion of those donations.

Where to Give?

Big nonprofits fought their way to household-name status over many years of program development, networking, and community service. We absolutely respect and support any mission to improve the lives of people all over the world in many areas of need.

In our eyes, people make individual donations out of their own pocket because they want to know their dollars make a real difference in the lives of those who need it, instead of towards the salaries of an organization’s director, or branded tee shirts, or 401K matching for employees, or any other number of other expenses which arise as an organization grows.

The Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment, while affiliated with Riley Hospital for Children, is a separate entity, meaning our research mission can only begin to be answered when we can produce the funding ourselves for that research. When we tell you that a $25 donation to our endowment will fund a half-hour of research, it will do exactly that.

Our 2016 Research Rally Goal

It’s our goal to obtain enough individual donations by the end of 2016 to support one month of work by one researcher. Assuming a 40-hour work week, that means we need to raise funds to support 160 hours of work. At $50 an hour, that means we aim to raise $8,000 by the time 2017 rings in. If 320 people donate $25, we’ll be there.

Please consider making our endowment one of your beneficiaries as you plan your holiday donations. We can guarantee your contribution, whatever the size, will fund research to change the lives of children diagnosed with non-CNS cancers.

Click here to make a donation to the 2016 Research Rally today!

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