September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: How Can You Help?

September was designated Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the United States in 1990. With childhood cancers being so under-researched, it became important that pediatric cancer awareness was given a national month to provide an extended platform for creating and spreading awareness of these cancers and the organizations who are working to help fund research for them. This mission is taken up by many businesses, cities, organizations, and individuals across the country in supporting a cause that is so closely dear to our hearts.

This is in large part why we focus many of our yearly events within the month of September. From our ParTee fundraiser, the Caroline Classic golf outing, and the Torch Relay, we put a lot of our efforts to work to help fundraise and spread awareness of pediatric cancer and the very present need for research funding.

During this month, we invite you to join in on the initiatives of so many around the world in spreading awareness and raising funds for pediatric cancers. From simple social media acts to organizing and hosting events, here are some ways we and our friends always take action during September to raise awareness about childhood cancer and its impact on families around the globe.

Support Education and Awareness in Your Social Circle

Social Media activism is a very real and powerful way that many people spread awareness about topical issues. Just as the highly viral nature of Breast Cancer awareness during each and every October creates conversations and spikes contributions, the few weeks during September live to provide a space for the same conversations about childhood cancers. While breast cancer is more common per capita than most childhood cancers, it’s likely that any information or videos shared will educate those that it reaches. They might not be fully aware of the situation surrounding childhood cancers, like the fact that every day 43 cases are diagnosed in the US and that 12% of those aren’t expected to survive. The average age of this terrible diagnosis is six. This kind of information is what many people don’t have, and simply weren’t aware existed.

We see social media as a pond where the ripple effect can have a big outcome. Your sharing or re-tweeting information and articles to raise awareness about childhood cancer might motivate someone else to make a donation or plan an event, even if you can’t do so yourself.

Be an Active Supporter

Beyond supporting and eliciting education among your social circle, you can also take initiative to physically support children in treatment as well as the research necessary to improve treatments. This could mean organizing some kind of entertainment with a local hospital, supporting local businesses who are making donations to hospitals, or starting a fundraiser yourself. We’ve seen some pretty incredible examples of fundraising, from events focusing on jump rope, to book readings, to head-shavings. Events like rallies, walks, or vigils can also raise awareness with a big crowd

Make a Donation

It’s not always easy to plan and put together an event. For those of you who are very interested in supporting pediatric cancer research, we welcome you to help us on our mission to raise $8 million dollars. Our goal is concrete, and every donation, big and small, brings us even closer to making a very real difference in childhood cancer research.

If you want to host a fundraiser or event or make a donation to the Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment, but don’t know how to get started, take a look at the resources we’ve posted on our site.

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