Board Members

Jon Sinder Head Shot

Jon Sinder – Partner, Crown Liquors

Why is the Caroline Symmes Endowment important to you?

Given my personal relationship with the Symmes family, I got an up-close experience of what it’s like to experience the pain of losing a child.  Although I don’t claim to fully understand the depth of that pain, I thought as least I can try to do something to lessen the chance it happens to another family.  This endowment is clearly dedicated to the treatment and potential cure of many pediatric cancers.


Sherri Hutter – Strategic Innovation Executive, SalesForce

Sherri Hutter is a Strategic Innovation Executive at Salesforce, where she works alongside Salesforce’s largest enterprise customers to transform their businesses by co-creating high-growth, disruptive opportunities using human-centered design and innovation methodologies.

Why is the Caroline Symmes Endowment important to you?

I want to change the story – for other children and their families. Our goal is simple. We want to save more children. And we do this through supporting essential pediatric research. In the words of Dr. Carl Sagan, “somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known,” and I serve on the board because I see the possibility of finding solutions for children.


Brian Holmes, Vice President of Cardiac and Vascular Group Corporate Sales, Medtronic, plc.

Why is the Caroline Symmes Endowment important to you?

Nearly my entire career has been spent in healthcare delivering unique and life-saving technologies. Clinical research and collaboration with physicians, researchers, academia and industry are the life blood of breakthrough therapies. The need related to pediatric cancer research is apparent and significant. Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer in their families, however it is even more tragic when it affects a child whose life is just beginning and blossoming. Through our efforts, we can truly make a difference for these patients, families and our communities. Please join us on the journey as I assure you it is a worthwhile mission and both meaningful and gratifying. Let’s share the blessing of life and a healthy wellbeing!


Gino Lucchese, President, Alebro LLC, Alebro Logistics, Alebro Property

Gino Lucchese is owner/president of Alebro companies, a private investment group with a concentration in logistics and warehousing. Alebro is supply partner with Cargill Salt Division servicing food manufactures, water conditioning dealers, deicing and agriculture markets. He previously founded Medical Resources and was co-owner of Lux Steel and DyLux companies. Mr. Lucchese has significant experience in evaluation of small-cap companies pursuing merger or acquisition strategies.

Gino also participates as a board member for the Cancer Support Community, Ivy Tech Capital Campaign and is currently the President of Indiana Water Quality Association.


Joey Mervis, Endowment Advocate

Joey currently studies Vocal Performance at NYU’s Steinhardt School, with double minors in Producing and the Business of Entertainment. He is a proud graduate of North Central High School in Indianapolis. He first became involved with the cause when he directed the 2017 North Central Lip Dub, which raised over $21,000 for the Caroline Symmes Endowment.

Why is the Caroline Symmes Endowment important to you?

When we were planning the Lip Dub, we knew we wanted to find a cause that would inspire people and help bring about change. The Symmes family has taken something harder than we could ever imagine and used it to provide hope for so many other families. After learning about their selflessness, I felt like I had a responsibility, in the best sense of the word, to do whatever I could to help. Once the video was released, it was clear to me that it was just the beginning of an exciting partnership, and I feel very grateful for every step we take towards funding a cure.


Gene Sponseller, Board Member Emeritus.

Gene retired from from Sofamor Danek, a Division of Medtronic, in 1999. During his career the company had many names (Warsaw Orthodedic, Danek, Sofamor Danek and finally Medtronic) and Gene held many positions such as General Manager, Sales Manager, V.P. and General Manager of Operations and President of Manufacturing.

Gene graduated from Plymouth High School in 1974. He then attended IUSB and IU-Bloomington from 1974-1981 concentrating his studies on Chemistry and Business.

Gene splits time in Zionsville, IN and Melbourne, FL with his wife of over 30 years Sharon. The couple have 3 children, (Brittany Pavey, Eric Sponseller and Stephen Sponseller) all living in the Indianapolis area.

Gene is currently on the Board of Directors of Perfinity Bioscience, a West Lafayette life science testing company. He also served 2 terms on the IU Varsity Club helping raise funds for IU athletics.

roxanne headshot

Roxanne McGettigan, Director of Donor Relations

Roxanne has been working with non-profits for the last twenty years. After attending Austin College in Sherman, Texas, Roxanne put her education in sociology, psychology, and communication to work for the good of others. She is responsible for building and maintaining rapport with our current donors while also reaching out to other potential people interested in contributing to the amazing work the endowment is doing for pediatric cancer research. It’s her goal to increase the Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment’s annual contribution to Riley to be greater than the $250,000 we usually give. If you share that goal, get in touch!


David and Libby Symmes

For many years we had donated time and money to various causes, but never had a cause close to our hearts. When Caroline was diagnosed, our cause was dropped in our lap. During her hospital stays and visits to clinic, we would talk about raising money for research once she was out of treatment and healthy. Caroline never made it out of treatment.

With encouragement and seed money from our friend, Paul Hutter, we formed the Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment at Riley Hospital for Children.  It was formed with the expectation that children’s cancers will one day no longer be considered ‘orphan diseases’.  With the knowledge that with every dollar donated to the Caroline Symmes Endowment, we open the door to a further $7 in government funding.

Dr. Clapp said. “The work that will come from this endowment over the next 5-10 years will be astounding.”  We expect nothing less.


Tara Moore

Tara Moore started working in the nonprofit world after graduation from the School of Informatics at IUPUI. She currently works as the Senior Design Specialist at the Indianapolis Bar Association and Foundation, where she is responsible for the conceptualization and creation of marketing projects for the organization.