This holiday season, we’re setting a goal to raise funds to support pediatric cancer research hours. Our 2016 Research Rally goal is to fund one full month of cancer research by raising $8,000 through individual contributions.

With this goal, we’re looking towards a future where childhood cancers aren’t simply under-researched, but supported by the countless efforts of many researchers that work to understand more about how cancer works within children. This is where your donation is put to work. Roughly every dollar donated goes to support the Caroline Symmes Cancer Endowment’s ongoing mission to support a pediatric cancer research center.

  • Roughly every $1 supports 1 minute of research
  • $50 dollars will support a full hour of research
  • $8,000 will support one full month of research

This season, we ask that you lend your giving spirit to our endowment and help us support the many tireless researchers, like Dr. Jamie Renbarger, as they continue to research and study pediatric cancers. Together, we really can make a difference in how pediatric cancers are treated.


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