2017 North Central High School Lip Dub

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Thank you for taking the time to watch our Lip Dub. We appreciate your support.

This project has been a long time coming for all of us. We began pre-production on the video all the way back in August of 2016, and we have been working hard on it ever since.

The inspiration for this video started with an idea from our faculty sponsor, Mrs. Leslie Decker. Schools around the country have been making Lip Dub music videos to benefit their local charity or hospital. However, none of those schools are like North Central. Here at North Central, we take so much pride in our student body. We are all different – different backgrounds, different activities, different groups – but those differences unite us and make us stronger as a school. Also, none of those videos have a place like Riley Hospital to support. Riley is a nationally renowned hospital, which provides cutting-edge care and ground-breaking research for pediatric medicine. When we decided to make this video, it was a very easy choice to use it to support Riley.

We hope that you enjoyed our video and will consider donating through this page to Riley Hospital. But before you do, let’s talk more specifically about where your donation will go.

We have chosen to route all of the proceeds from this video to the Caroline Symmes Endowment at Riley Hospital. This endowment was established by David and Elizabeth Symmes in honor of their daughter, who was diagnosed with cancer at just three years old. Caroline had Wilms Tumor Disease, which has a 90% survival rate. But Caroline’s tumor was very aggressive, and with such little research into pediatric cancer, her doctors exhausted their options to treat her. At the age of five, Caroline passed away from her disease.

Caroline died not because of a lack of care, but because of a lack of funding for pediatric cancer research. In 2016, the federal budget for cancer research was $5.21 billion. Only 4% of that funding goes to pediatric cancer research. The Caroline Symmes Endowment for Pediatric Cancer Research at Riley Hospital for Children hopes to make it possible for every child with cancer to live with hope for a bright future of their own.

We hope that you will support the endowment at Riley Hospital and help stimulate pediatric cancer research so that no child will have to suffer the way that Caroline did.


President – Jack Morel, Vice-President – Joey Mervis, Treasurer – Kit Hanley, Secretary – Abby Peterson

Faculty Sponsor – Leslie Decker

Principal – Evans Branigan III

Superintendent – Dr. Nikki Woodson